Bob Agner and David Nos have been working together with numerous bands since the early 70’s, before becoming songwriters. Their first collaboration, “The Catch” launched their successful music journey, highlighting their unique sound. Working with Nos’ wife Kim, and her unique, stylistic vocal presence, Nos added banjo into the mix to offer a blend of Americana, Light Country/Rock and more.

Agner and Nos have released over sixty songs, with their band Fireside successful among a US and global fan base, offered on Spotify.


Kordan The Wizard is a first-of-its-kind unique concept, mixing an engaging, immersive fantasy novel set in a world of dragons, giants, kings, princesses, and a very special wizard, with music children and readers of all ages can access with click of a link (via eBook) or scan of a QR code (in print).

This groundbreaking new first-of-a-series of books which offers both literature, original music and lyrics in fiction for children and people of all ages marks the launch of Singing StoriesTM.